14 November, 2012

Topic #1: The practicalities of defining a software MVP

Using MOSCOW: List the extra customer demands’ and do a minimal research to verify if the demands realistic.

  • Mockup:
  1.  Create a basic UI to make it simple& easy to understand what the features should cover.
  2. Keep a log of customers’ wish list and rank the most desired features. Then decide if to add it to your core product or as add-ons.
  • Build external services to the software
  • Design / Build a core functionality / product with an option to add extra services / add-ons. Enable creation of selling packages to answer the demand of different customer segments in the market.
  • Try to propose workarounds to customers’ process within the system to make it cheaper and quicker.

Topic #2: Lean teams: To what extent the team should be take decisions about the product?

  • 2 team should exist:
  1. A business team: Leaders that have the responsibility to speak with the customer and to represent the company on business aspects.  they will  choose the business / tech people to represent the solution to the customer.
  2. The technical team
  • The goals should be clear to all.
  • The team should be empowered to make decisions
  • Escalation criteria should be set, to address problems
  • The suggested process:
    1. When customer requirements are collected; only the business people should be involved. If technical gaps are found then the tech guy enters the picture.
    2. Sing post of danger: The team should react when risk is exposed:
    3. The team should  stop
    4. Define the risk and alternatives to what they should do / escalation.
    5. Risks are taken in consideration when the backlog / requirement are prioritized.







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